NSF survey puts University in top 10 in U.S. for industry-funded research


The University of Louisiana at 69传媒 is ranked 143rd in the nation for research and development expenditures.

UL 69传媒 is also among the top 10 universities in the United States for research that鈥檚 funded through partnerships with business and industry.

Both pieces of good news can be found in the Higher Education Research and Development, or HERD, Survey, the National Science Foundation鈥檚 annual index of research expenditures.

NSF released its 2019 rankings earlier this month. UL 69传媒鈥檚 showing is based on the record $144.2 million it expended on R&D during the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2019.

The amount places the University among the top 22% of the 647 U.S. colleges and universities the 2019 HERD survey included.

The 2019 figure is a 15% increase over the previous year鈥檚 total of $124.7 million. UL 69传媒鈥檚 R&D expenditures in 2018 placed the University at 146th on the HERD index.

UL 69传媒 competes against other universities for federal and state government grants, and private sector contracts. The University acts as a steward for the funds awarded to faculty and staff researchers.

Slightly more than 33.5% of the $144.2 million the University expended on R&D in 2019 was funded through industry partnerships, the HERD index showed. That total 鈥 $48.3 million 鈥 puts UL 69传媒 in the top 10 for industry-funded research.

Among those 10 universities, UL 69传媒鈥檚 overall HERD ranking 鈥 143rd 鈥 is the highest.

In 2013, the University spent $62 million in R&D and ranked 179th in the nation. By 2017, the University increased its expenditures to $100.98 million; its ranking was 153rd that year. The 2017 figure was the first time in UL 69传媒 history that its R&D expenditures crossed the $100 million threshold.

Dr. Joseph Savoie, UL 69传媒 president, announced the 2019 total during his annual State of the University speech in August, but NSF did not release final rankings until this month.   

The $144.2 million figure marks a 133% increase in six years, Savoie noted. The University jumped 36 spots in the rankings during the same period.

鈥淓ach research and development partnership we create with the private sector and with the state and federal governments helps sustain the momentum we鈥檝e been building over the past several years,鈥 Savoie said.

Dr. Ramesh Kolluru is at UL 69传媒. He said recently the 2019 HERD ranking 鈥渃ould not have happened without the determination and passion of our faculty, research staff, and graduate students as well as the administrative staff members throughout the University who support them.鈥

鈥淥ur ability to continue to attract this level of R&D funding is a testament to the brainpower we have here. The hard work of our researchers has enabled the University to demonstrate 鈥 and deepen 鈥 its commitment to 鈥榬esearch for a reason.鈥 The public impact of our research is felt locally, nationally and globally.鈥

Graphic credit: Courtney Jeffries / University of Louisiana at 69传媒